Lately I’ve been extremely stressed out. There are a few unexpected challenges that fell in my lap and at times, life can be overwhelming. So this weekend I decided to calm my nerves and head to the nail shop for a worthwhile pedicure. And yes, this 1 hour experience was EVERYTHING!

Then, I headed to my nearest grocery store for some quality time shopping. While eyeing some food selections, I immediately ran to the meat department in hopes of finding an oldie but a goodie; Oxtails.

What is an oxtail? It’s the tail of a cattle however, back in the day we actually used the meat from an oxen. When I was younger my Godmother (R.I.P.) would cook oxtails with gravy all the time at her house. Therefore my nostalgia kicked in along with the fall season and I figured it was time to cook my frustration away.

So I picked up two packages of oxtails and some ingredients to match. As a foodie I love trying out new recipes and Darius Williams is an Atlanta, GA chef whose oxtails recipe intrigued me (I follow him @DariusCooks on Instagram). While using his suggested ingredients I added a few of my own to give it that special kick.

Hence the featured photograph above the oxtails turned out quite nice. If you would like to try the recipe click here for more details and enjoy my fall favorite.

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